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Related article: Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2001 16:18:17 -0800 (PST) From: skaar skaar Subject: Boy Narcissus - After Summer - Part II"Guys like me. They think I've got a nice body. I think you like me"I stood, almost in a trance. My hard-on tented my boxers as I towered over this little dude. He glanced at my boxers and took a half step towards me. I could feel my face redden and my heart pound. A little rivulet of sweat ran down my bare torso from my armpit. He gently reached forward and softly stroked my cock through my boxers. I stood motionless, frozen to the ground. A thrill of excitement ran up my body making me tremble.A look of surprise and confusion crossed his face. "You've never done it with a guy, have you?", he said quietly."No", I said. And until that moment, I never thought I would. ***I stared into the boy's huge eyes, took in the yellow-blonde locks that highlighted his honey-brown hair, his deep golden tan, his smooth never-been-shaved face, then down to his broad shoulders, large defined pecs and deep brown, silver-dollar-sized nipples. He was an Adonis. And it was this sheer, undeniable beauty that enveloped and entranced me."I'm straight", I said, feeling stupid as soon as I said it."Me, too", he said. Then, quietly but purposefully after a pause: "But you want me".He moved closer and put one hand lightly on my chest, moving it slowly towards my nipple which he encircled with his fingers, lightly, gently, and expertly, sending flames through my torso and causing my rock-hard cock to spasm twice involuntarily.He took my hand and moved towards the weights bench. I followed, as if I was on autopilot, unable or unwilling to hold back. He guided me to the bench, motioning for me to lie on my back. My eyes ran over this young god - his supremely fit, toned young torso, his hairless chestnut skin, his huge, proud and hard boycock, his hairless, heavy, pendulous balls.I trembled slightly, as if cold, as he sat on my waist, his weight squeezing my cock, still hard in my boxers, against my lower abdomen.He stared, fixing his gaze on my eyes, like some siren, temptress or seductress, before running his fingers down my chest. My cock throbbed in its confines mercilessly.He leant forwards, not taking his eyes off mine, his face inches away, pausing, as if to see my reaction. Forward further and his lips gently touched mine, his locks of silk caressing the side of my face. My mouth opened and his tongue expertly flicked mine. I closed my eyes and felt our mouths clamp together in hot, wet passion. The heat overtook me as we hungrily explored each other's mouths as if Preteen Pay Sites it was the most natural, God-given thing to do, my muscular arms encircling his hard young body, his hips grinding down on my cock.He raised his hips, reached back and deftly pulled my boxers down. The feeling of his satin-smooth skin next to mine sent wave after wave of ecstacy coursing through my body, my cock feeling like it would explode.His lips left mine and I opened my eyes to see him lean back, his deep brown six-pack rippling, before slowly lifting his hips, grasping my cock firmly and holding it upright, and lowering himself onto me.Heat. Unbearable, exquisite heat surrounded and engulfed my cock in its silken embrace. He lowered himself further, his gaze fixed on mine, as my eyes rolled and I stifled a groan of sheer, unmitigated animal pleasure.Down, down. He lowered himself what seemed like several feet in one silken movement, the nerve endings on the head of my cock begging for mercy, until his full weight was on my hips. I looked at him agape, able to breathe only in short, staccato gasps. I felt myself inside him, part of his exquisite beauty, bonded and coupled, unwilling and unable to separate from our lustful communion.Slowly at first, he raised himself, then plunged his weight down on my cock. Then faster, breathing more heavily, as I writhed and spasmed in sheer unbridled joy and passion. His chest expanded and contracted, his washbaord tensed and relaxed with every up and down movement. His cock twitched and throbbed visibly, with pre-cum glistening on its shiny head.I groaned audibly as I felt tidal waves flow through my body, crashing towards the inevitable destination I knew was approaching. I tried to Preteen Pay Sites speak, but the words fumbled in my mouth. He gently touched my lips. He knew.I began to pant, my own six-pack was as hard as steel and pumped like I'd never seen it, every sinew and fiber in my body contracted in a mixture of pleasure and pain, my skin felt as if it was on fire, my balls like they would explode like grenades. Then it came. One long contraction that came deep within my core, causing my back to arch, my lungs to seize, my eyes to roll back and my teeth to clench. A familiar, but never so intense, burning sensation spewed forth from my cock deeply embedded in this bronze Adonis. I gasped and drew breath through clenched teeth. Again, and even more intense to the point where everything around the boy in my vision blackened. And a third, and even more painful-pleasurable explosion.A stream of hot jism shot past my head as the boy leant back, shooting his own load. A second splattered on the wall behind my head. The excitement sent another spasm through my body as my own juice spurted again with renewed vigor deep in his core. His third spurt hit my cheek, a fourth my chest and a fifth and maybe sixth my abdomen. I stared enrapt, my own orgasm seeming to match his, seeming to continue relentlessly.I gasped for breath. I couldn't remember the last time I'd breathed in the past five minutes. My cock issued its last loads, my body twitching, butterflies deep in my soul, almost like laughing hysteria rising.Exhausted, sweating and panting, we looked at each other. Who was this boy? What was the magic he possessed? How could I feel this way? How could I have reached heights of animal passion, lust and ultimate ecstacy that I had never before experienced or dreamt possible? And how could it have happened with him?I was confused, bewildered and, I think, a bit in shock, overcome by what I had experienced and how it had occurred.And still not a word was spoken, as he raised himself off me, releasing my still hard cock from its warm inner glove. I closed my eyes for what I thought was a second before feeling a gentle kiss on my lips. I looked to see him, fully dressed, leaving. ***Boy Narcissus will return. In the Fall series, he will reach a coming of age where he fully realises his power, this time over those younger than himself. Readers who would like to see this, should email me at for further episodes to be posted with the preceding four.
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